Camp Bournedale

Camp Bournedale is located in the Cedarville section of historic Plymouth, MA, and is situated on beautiful Great Herring Pond. Programming is tailored to the needs and requests of the schools. Three well-balanced family style meals and an evening snack provide your children with the energy needed to get through a busy five-day week at camp. Camp Bournedale has been committed to providing schools with exciting, enriching and rewarding educational and social experiences since 1977. Their unique combination of professional teaching staff and incredible facilities make Camp Bournedale the ultimate destination for schools seeking an unforgettable learning experience. More Information found at the Camp Bournedale web site.

If you have any questions about Camp Bournedale or this trip, please contact a representative below:

Mrs. Pam Mackey 721.3400 x 1757

Mr. Matt Barboza 721.3400 x 1740

Mr. Doug Wall 721.3400 x 1741

Lincoln High School