Athletic Director: Mr. Greg O’Connor

Phone:  401-334-7500  ext. 1120

School Fax:  401-334-8753


Lincoln High School has an extensive athletic program designed to offer a sport for every boy and girl and to encourage every boy and girl to participate in a sport.

*Please take a look at Lincoln Public School’s new 2017-2018 Interscholastic Policy as well.

Sports by Season

Cheerleading Basketball Baseball
Field Hockey Cheerleading Boys Volleyball
Football Hockey Golf
Soccer Swimming Lacrosse
Girls Tennis Track-Indoor Softball
Cross Country Wrestling Boys Tennis
Girls Volleyball Track-Outdoor


Click here for a link listing all the coaches as well as their contact information.

Sports Schedules

Click here for all team matches and rosters updated from LHS – notifications can be sent via Text, Email and more! Free to use!


Click here to link to the Rhode Island Interscholastic League, who keeps an online listing of all Lincoln sports games and times (Links to RI Interscholastic calendar)

Try Out Schedules And Practices

Click here to link to the try out and practice schedules for each sport for Fall, Winter, and Spring (please see next section for forms needed for any tryouts)

Online Registration Form For Tryouts

  1. Please visit to complete online registration for tryouts.
  2. Next, click on “Athletic Team Registration” icon, and then “New Users – Create an Account” bar.
  3. Please complete all information and make sure to complete the “electronic signatures” at the very bottom to validate the digital form. This takes care of the approval for insurance forms, student athletic handbook and the mandatory concussion pamphlet. **NOTE: Athlete’s physicals must still be handed in to the nurse as this section online is not valid nor works! Thank you! 
  4. Any issues registering please contact by email: and if needed, you can call Customer Service [8am-9pm Monday through Friday): (612) 605-1623

Directions to LHS

  • Click here for Google Maps directions to Lincoln High School

Directions to Away Games

  • Click here for The Rhode Island Interscholastic League’s website

LHS Athletic Handbook

Eligibility Rules for Interscholastic Competition

To play on a varsity team representing our school in competition with other schools, a student must, among other things:

  1.  Be governed by all rules listed in the Lincoln High School Interscholastic Athletic Student Handbook and conform to the rules of the Rhode Island Interscholastic League.
  2.  Return, or pay for, all borrowed equipment. Failure to do so will automatically bar him/her from further participation in sports.
  3.  Accompany the team in the transportation vehicle provided by the school authorities.
  4.  Attend school all day on the day of an athletic contest if played on a weekday, and the day before if played on a Saturday. Unexcused absence from school or from any class period will be the basis for exclusion from athletic competition. The Principal is the final judge.
  5.  Meet the following academic eligibility requirements:At all times the athlete should have secured for the period from beginning of the quarter or trimester up to the end of the regular marking period which shall not exceed a maximum of 12 weeks and a passing grade in 60% of the student’s program (credits). A student who is not passing 60% of his/her program (credits) is ineligible to participate in games (league and non-league) until the end of the quarter or trimesters of the next marking period.
  6. Students who are academically ineligible to play can have their cases reviewed after mid-quarter interim reports.
  7. Be physically fit according to a doctor’s physical examination.
  8. Present an Assumption of Risk Form signed by a parent.
  9. Have insurance coverage. Candidates are urged to enroll in school insurance. In the event they refuse this option, they must have a parent sign a school Insurance Waiver Form.
  10. Be in school no later than 9:30 am in order to paricipate, unless they have an excused tardy.
  11. Students on social suspension will be ineligible for participation in any sport. This includes tryouts, practices, and games.

Participation Forms

  • Sport Physical form (must be returned to Nurse for records)
  • Assumption of Risk form (from the RI Interscholastic League) *UPDATED for 2014-2015
  • As seen above with “Online Registration for Tryouts”, the following database will take the place of the school insurance form, concussion booklet and the student athletic booklet:
  • 1.  Click on link:
  • 2.  Click on “Athletic Team Registration”
  • 3.  Click on “New Users – Create an Account”
  • 4.  Complete all fields of information and the electronic signature at the bottom of each form.
  • Please take a look at Lincoln Public School’s new 2017-2018 Interscholastic Policy as well for further information regarding Lincoln High School’s policies of Interscholastic participation.

Student Insurance

2017-2018 student insurance information is available through Lefebvre Insurance. Families will work directly with Lefebvre and can be read about more here.

Lincoln High School