Technology Education

Classes offered:

  • Automotive Technology I
  • Automotive Technology II
  • Automotive Technology III
  • Small Engines Technology
  • Computer Engineering
  • Technology Introduction
  • Design Technology/Computer Aided Drafting & Design I
  • Design Technology/Computer Aided Drafting & Design II
  • Robotics
  • Computer Animation I
  • Computer Animation 2
  • Structure Design
  • Basic House Wiring
  • House Wiring 2
  • Home Improvement 1/2
  • Home Improvement I
  • Home Improvement II
  • Building Technologies
  • Woodturning
  • Woodwork Geometry
  • Multimedia Productions

Robotics Club

The Robotics Club at LHS consists of students who get together to learn how to build and program robots, but will more importantly learn how to work as a team which will prepare them for statewide competitions, scrimmages, and events. No previous experience is required in order to participate in the club, which provides any student interested in joining the opportunity to learn something new. Students wishing to join should contact Mr. Robert Gervais to be a part of the Robotics Club.


Mr. Roy Boudreau:

Mr. Brian Grant:

Mr. Robert Gervais:

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