Academy Programs

Lincoln High School provides 4 RIDE approved CTE Academies:

  • Design and Engineering Academy
  • International Business Academy
  • Law Academy
  • Journalism and Broadcast Academy

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To apply for any of the 4 RIDE approved CTE Academies, please fill out the CTE Program Application document.



The Lincoln High School Design & Engineering Academy is a specialized multi-year learning program that provides students with a combination of the foundational knowledge needed to succeed in a post-secondary engineering program and career exploration opportunities. While all students will obtain strong written and oral communication skills, the curriculum is project-based with hands-on activities that combine math and science skills with real-world problem solving skills. Academy students also participate in field experiences as part of the program, which partners the school with both industry and post-secondary institution professionals for mentorships, internships and articulations. Though our engineering classes are open electives, our Academy students earn priority into these classes and additional opportunities, as well as earn an engineering academy certificate upon graduation.

Upon completion of Academy requirements, students are afforded the opportunity to become Solid-Works CSWA certified, upon successful passage of both the Design II course and the CSWA exam.

Students will also be given the opportunity to become IC3 certified after taking the computer engineering course.

The International Business Academy is a rigorous program that provides students with the experiences and education necessary for careers in national as well as international organizations. The program is distinguished by its emphasis on business in an international context.

The technologically enriched curriculum is designed to enhance written communication and oral presentation skills. Included is an interdisciplinary component that will link business with the content areas with a culminating project. College students mentor LHS students with an International Business Company research project.

The Lincoln High School Law Academy prepares its students with an opportunity to access an industry that employs over 2.4 million people each year. The program is designed to introduce students to the Criminal Justice world by providing rigorous curriculum combined with guest speakers from the industry and relevant field trips.

The Lincoln High School Journalism and Broadcast Academy (JBA) provides students with a strong foundation for those who wish to pursue careers in journalism, including broadcast journalism, or communications. The JBA curriculum includes all aspects of career components in journalism, such as journalism ethics, news writing and reporting, interview and research skills, layout and design, set and lighting design and broadcasting technology.

Students who complete the JBA graduate with strong written and oral communication skills in addition to technical skills in publishing and video production. Thanks to strong partnerships with local colleges/universities and media professionals, students are mentored and guided by journalists in various stages of professional development. Before completing academy requirements, they are also offered the opportunity to take the NOCTI Job Ready Assessment in Broadcasting and Journalism where they are able to demonstrate proficiency in background knowledge and skills.

The Marketing Academy is a dynamic program which prepares students with the hands-on experiences and education necessary careers in marketing. This program is designed to enhance the written and oral presentation skills as well as incorporate technology.

The students will be introduced to the world of marketing by guest speakers and relevant
field trips.

Lincoln High School’s Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Academy is a community of learners who share a passion for STEM topics and are interested in pursuing STEM-based careers. Students focus their high school education on STEM and participate in career exploration and enrichment activities. Students may enroll in the STEM Academy at the beginning of their 9th, 10th or 11th grade year.

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