Lincoln High School operates on a 7-day, drop-2 rotating schedule. Classes are 62 minutes each, plus an 18-minute Advisory period. Lunch is held during the next-to-last period each day.

The School Year

School Calendars

Other Schedules

  • Bell Schedule and 7-Day Rotation
  • Lunch schedule
  • LHS Schedule Maker – Sign into your GMAIL account first, then open this Document! Click “File” then “Make A Copy” to save to your own Google Drive! Follow instructions and now you can print out Semester 1 and 2! Make sure when you click “PRINT” that you select the option “All Sheets” – you will then have Semester 1, Semester 2, and both combined giving you 3 sheets in total that print out.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How do I know which “Day” is next?
    A: The Days go in order according to the school calendar. This Schedule Calendar is posted online, to help you plan when each Day falls in the month.
  • Q: What if there is a snow day or school cancellation?
    A: In the event of school cancellation due to snow or other unforeseen circumstance, that day’s schedule will be skipped. For example, if Tuesday is a “Day 4” and there is a snow day on Wednesday, then Thursday will be a “Day 6” as planned. For one hour delays, please find time adjustments at the bottom of the Bell Schedule page.
  • Q: When do I eat lunch?
    A: The lunch period runs from 11:14 to 12:40 and is broken up into three lunches. Find your classroom room on the Lunch Schedule to determine which lunch you will eat on a given day.

Report Card Calendar

Secondary Reporting Pupil Progress 2017-18

All Students will receive a progress report. Parents/Guardians will be informed by their child’s teacher if a concern or problem arises outside of the designated reporting period

Progress Reports

Grading Period Dates For Progress Reports
First Quarter October 4, 2017
Second Quarter December 13, 2017
Third Quarter February 28, 2018
Fourth Quarter May 2, 2018

Lincoln High School Parent/Teacher Conferences will be held on November 16, 2017

Lincoln High School